Salamini Italiani alla Cacciatora PDO

The term Salame Cacciatore and its variants (e.g. cacciatorino or Cacciatore italiano) refers to “cured salami that was small enough to be carried in a hunter’s bag for a small meal.”

Mortadella Bologna PGI

Mortadella Bologna PGI is a cylindrical or oval-shaped cured meat that is made exclusively with pork. It has a pink colour and an unmistakable, intense, lightly spiced aroma.

Zampone & Cotechino Modena PGI

The Consorzio Zampone e Cotechino Modena PGI (Zampone and Cotechino Modena PGI Consortium) is the custodian of two ancient Italian culinary specialities.


The Campaign

The agricultural and agri-food production and processing sector is beginning to play an increasingly important role in European politics. This is due to the fact that in addition to being one of the pillars of the EU economy, it is also able to attract new forces, i.e. young people and new investments in innovation, research and development, in order to become more competitive and orientated towards the consumers’ increasingly progressive and complex expectations.

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